How to style your Peach Marketplace Spring shirts

How to Style Your Peach Marketplace Spring Shirts

Sick of the cold weather? You’re not alone. It is hard to not look forward to spring, with the sun shining and flowers blooming everywhere. When warm weather arrives you can finally put away your big coats, thick knits, and scarves and replace them with your favorite shirts, tanks, and shorts.

It’s never too early to chase away your winter blues with some retail therapy and start planning your spring outfits. Graphic tees are always a hit, and Peach Marketplace has the cutest spring designs. Whether you’ve already picked up one (or a few) of our tees, we’ve got a few ideas of how you can style them into the perfect spring outfits.

You can easily mix and match between these styles to find the perfect look.

Tuck it into a Skirt

Pick out a cute denim skirt and tuck your spring tee in for a casual and comfy look. Add some sneakers or sandals to complete the look.Bow Tie Bunny Tee

Wear it under a Blazer

Emanate sophistication by layering your graphic tee under a blazer. Go with black jeans and a pale pink blazer over our Bubble Gum Bunny design. A black blazer with regular dark denim and black heels is another chic option.Spring Bunny Tee

Knot it over a Dress

Choose one of your favorite slim-lined dresses and throw your shirt over it. Add a knot in the front or corner of the shirt to create a cute, unique look.

Oversize it

Try getting one of our tees a couple of sizes larger than you normally wear. You can wear it off a shoulder, tuck it into some jeans, or wear it baggy over some shorts. No matter what you choose, wearing an oversize shirt is all the rage right now. 

Easter Graphic Tee

Go for a Classic Look

Pick out your favorite pair of shorts and sandals for a casual day out. Don’t forget to grab a cute bag and some sunglasses to complete the look.

Dress it Up

Colorful maxi skirts pair with graphic tees perfectly. Tuck in your tee or tie it in a knot to emphasize the contrasting colors. Grab your clutch and throw on your heels to get a classy look suitable for those times when you want to look a little nicer. 

Make it Laidback

There’s nothing more comfortable than a soft tee and joggers. Whether you’re planning to run to the grocery store or just lounge at home, you can be comfy and look good too. Throw on some Converse or Vans if you need to leave the house.

Be Brave

Custom tees give you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone because they pair well with almost anything. Throw on some leopard print to match our Bunny with Leopard Glasses. Whether you choose a skirt, sweater, or accessories in this print, you can really liven up the outfit.

Go Casual Chic

You can’t go wrong adding a cute pencil skirt and booties to any of our spring designs. You can choose a pastel color to match your shirt or contrast it with something dark. Black or tan booties will round out the look.

Wear it with Flannel

Flannel shirts come in all colors, including some cute pastels that would compliment your tee nicely. Wear it open and throw on some ripped or distressed jeans on the bottom.